Acrylic supplies

Basic Starter Acrylic Supply Kit:

Acrylic tube paint in the following colours (suggestions):
White (Titanium)
Black (Ivory or Mars)
Red (Cadmium Med. or Naphthol Crimson)
Blue (Ultramarine or Phthalo Blue)
Yellow (Cadmium Medium)
Green (Hookers or Sap)
Violet (Dioxazine)

A variety of nylon or taklon brushes :
1” flat
1/4” flat brush
# 8- #10 round
# 2- #4 round
detail liner brush (medium length)

canvas or canvas board (9” X 12” – 11” x 14”)
disposable palette paper
paper towels
pencil, eraser and notepad
graphite paper (optional)